Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Lancer Scott is a responsible organisation.

Our business activities and the activities of similar organisations touch all areas of society and as such, Corporate Responsibility should not be looked upon as a token gesture.

For Lancer Scott, the issue of Corporate Responsibility is core to our company ethos and philosophies.

We have a duty of care to ensure our codes of conduct and working practices are upheld to safeguard the welfare of the people, the communities and the environment affected by our work.

Our Corporate Responsibility is set in place to enhance all of our business services and ensure their continual development and improvement.

A truly successful business is built and managed by achieving commercial success while maintaining the ethical values of integrity, respect, care and honour.

Corporate Responsibility covers a number of key areas affected by our business activities and it is these areas that mark our focus.

Our Customers

Customers are the foundations on which Lancer Scott is built.

We will always work with our customers collaboratively and flexibly to ensure their needs are responded to swiftly and professionally.

We will always deliver a quality service and a quality product while maintaining value for money.

We will seek to not only meet but exceed all expectations placed upon us by our customers, maximising satisfaction.

Each of our customers is an individual with diverse and individual needs. We will adapt appropriately to meet these needs delivering the most relevant pathways to success.

We will view our customers as partners, working with them to meet any challenges, dealing with them accordingly.

We will view our customers as partners working with them to meet any challenges and dealing with them in a non‐adversarial manner. This in turn will ensure long term relationships can be
built with mutually fruitful successes.

We will safeguard the welfare of all.

Our Communities

All Lancer Scott business activities impact on the local communities.

It will be our responsibility to ensure any potential impact on the community is both forecast and remedied.

We will promote active participation from our communities in projects delivered listening to their views and acting accordingly.

All Lancer Scott employees will behave with integrity and treat each and every person equally as an individual.

We will seek always to employ locally and utilise local supply chain ensuring the long term sustainability of local communities and economies is supported.

We will seek to provide opportunities for local people to forge new careers with us and promote social inclusion within our local communities.

We will ensure all working practices are carried out whilst safeguarding the community around us.

We will safeguard the welfare of all.

Our Environment

Our environment is not just planet earth – it is also the living environment around us.

Lancer Scott and its employees will ensure that all work and actions undertaken, are done so acknowledging the affected environment and minimising the impact on it.

We will always take steps to remedy any potential hazards to the environment.

We will fully and wholeheartedly participate in the government’s commitment to sustainability and its development of sustainable strategies.

We will continue to work to drive down carbon emissions and our carbon footprint developing innovative thinking and innovation in our working practices to find more effective solutions of
waste management and disposal.

All Lancer Scott employees will be aware of their working environment and ensure maintenance of its integrity.

We will safeguard the welfare of all.

Our Supply Chain

Supply chain and its quality has a direct relationship with the quality of the service and product delivered.

We will always ensure excellent relationships with our supply chain are maintained – both supplier and sub‐contract.

We will ensure the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for all who work for us.

Supply chain partnerships will be built securing long term commitment, advocacy and engagement into our company philosophies, codes of conduct and working practices.

We will work with our supply chain, seek their views and experience collaboratively learning and improving as one, sharing innovative techniques and expertise.

Acknowledging Egan’s Re‐thinking Construction, we will manage supply chain and its cash flow effectively to increase efficiency, reduce waste and maximise value for money.

We will safeguard the welfare of all.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to Lancer Scott.

We will always provide a healthy and safe workplace and environment for all our staff and also for people on whom there is a direct impact from our work.

We will ensure all staff are provided with Health and Safety training appropriate for their role within the organisation.

We will provide appropriate PPE clothing and equipment so that our trade employees can undertake work in safety and with protection.

We will apply and utilise appropriate hazards warning and signage for all works undertaken, carry out appropriate risk and hazard assessments and take remedial action accordingly.

We will utilise our in‐house Health and Safety management and expertise to ensure the effective provision of health and safety. We will always seek to improve this provision and maintain compliance with government HSE legislation.

We will safeguard the welfare of all.